Anthony Howe’s kinetic sculptures take on a life of their own as they move with the wind

Anthony Howe’s amazing kinetic sculptures

Mum's the Word Anthony Howe Kinetic Sculpture

Anthony Howe, a kinetic sculpture sculptor located in Washington, creates intricate works that pulsate with entrancing fluid movement and resemble some sort of extraterrestrial monster. These steel constructions are symmetrically proportioned and include numerous interlocking components that move in response to the wind. The beautiful arrangements appear to have a life of their own when they are in their easy cadence, imitating other species in our larger physical surroundings.

Every component is made through a time-consuming process that starts with a virtual representation before being transformed into the real world. With exquisite accuracy, every part is fitted together piece by piece. In addition, Howe accomplishes the majority of his artworks alone, despite their size and the complexity of every creation.

The creator claims that “kinetic artwork lives at the nexus of technical intricacy and artistic energy.” “The creation of one of my sculptures depends equally on artistic expression, metalworking, and a patient development pipeline. When observed, it tries to change the way time and space are perceived. Additionally, it must endure winds of 90 mph while moving in a breeze of one mile per hour for thousands of years.

On his webpage, Howe has further details about his incredible work. To watch some of his most amazing designs in motion, scroll to the bottom.

Artist Anthony Howe makes captivating wind-driven kinetic artworks.

Torso Anthony Howe Kinetic SculptureCirce Anthony Howe Moving Sculpture

These pulsating formations have the appearance of having a life of their own.

Zarathustra Spinning Structure by Anthony HoweLucea Kinetic Sculpture by Anthony Howe

To learn more about Howe’s work, view this clip.

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