Artist crafts amazingly detailed paper plants you can hold between two fingers

Amazingly detailed paper plants

Handmade Paper Plants

Raya Sader is a paper artist Bujana creates miniature indoor plants that fit between two fingers. She uses an X-Acto knife and tweezers to care for a variety of tiny fake plant pots, including cacti, monstera, and ficus. Every artwork in the continuing, three-year effort called Tiny Big Paper House Plants painstakingly replicates the plants. Bujana conveys the variegation in plants and also their stiff outlines or fullness via folding, scoring, and wrapping. She also doesn’t overlook the pots. They exhibit the same astounding level of attention to detail as Bujana while creating miniature planters out of rope and textile materials.

A single artwork by Tiny Big House Plants takes the designer between 5 and 6 weeks to finish due to their painstaking nature. Bujana fills in as many facts as she can remember throughout that period without first drawing out her thoughts. My Contemporary Met quotes her as saying, “I don’t have a strategy when I start building one, other than the sort of plant that I want to work on. Besides that, I just begin working on it and develop along the way. She can be flexible and try new things because of this.

She adds, “I prefer adapting methods from other artistic fields or handicrafts, like weaving or basketry, to the language of paper thus the baskets of these little plants are made with paper like actual baskets.

Thank goodness, Bujana is still working on Small Big Paper House Plants. “My goal is to gradually expand this collection and aim to achieve a new degree of detail with every new work,” the artist says. View more of Bujana’s artworks by scrolling down, and then follow her on Insta to see what she creates next. Her Little Ray of Sunflower Etsy business also sells some of her paper artwork.

Paper creations of plants created by Raya Sader Bujana are so tiny they may fit between your fingers.

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