Artist creates beautiful character portraits with wasted paintbrushes

Wonderful character portraits

Paintbrush Portraits by Rebecca Szeto

Rebecca Szeto’s artwork gives used paintbrushes a fresh use. The designer, who is located in San Francisco, turns the used equipment into model miniatures that are motivated by historical events, modern culture, and the unrealized possibilities of waste products. These little pieces of art, dubbed Paintbrush Portraits, transform the shape of the paintbrush into finely handmade women dressed in elaborate, bygone era-appropriate clothes.

Szeto tells My Contemporary Met that “The Paintbrush Portraits collection has always been a tool for communicating sardonic social critique through cultural allusion and environmentally aware workmanship.” The ongoing humility and subdued grandeur of the human experience are being explored personally. I keep coming back to the idea of grace as the inherent characteristics and values that make us human. Overall, they evoke the idea of a long-lost priceless thing because the emotional expressions of the many painted figures seem to correspond to the age of the brushes.

A significant component of Szeto’s artistic process is the recycling of unusual resources. To explore the potential for re-forming elegance and worth, she claims she repurposes cheap, mass-produced elements and a lot of trash. By doing this, I put aside my preconceptions about the substances and am free to examine their innate traits and look deeper into their deeper significance.

Discarded scrub brushes are paired with thoughts and ideas that are frequently disregarded, especially when done in a gentle, considerate manner. “How we overcome tough moments, linguistic designations, and provide opportunites for competitive sense and vigorous regeneration is what interests me,” the author says.

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In her project Paintbrush Portraits, San Francisco-based designer Rebecca Szeto turns used art supplies into pieces of art.

Paintbrush Portraits by Rebecca SzetoPaintbrush Portraits by Rebecca Szeto

“The lasting humility and delicate elegance of the human predicament” is the subject of these unique artworks.

Paintbrush Portraits by Rebecca SzetoPaintbrush Portraits by Rebecca SzetoPaintbrush Portraits by Rebecca SzetoPaintbrush Portraits by Rebecca SzetoPaintbrush Portraits by Rebecca Szeto

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