Artist creates bird and butterfly sculptures out of 4,000 pieces of paper

Wonderful bird and butterfly made from 4,000 pieces of paper

3D Paper Art by Lisa Lloyd

Intricately created paper artworks by artist Lisa Lloyd bring avian animals to life. She crafts realistic-looking birds and butterflies using scoring, folding, and fringing that are astounding in their level of detail. On a single model, Lloyd typically uses 4,000 sheets of paper to create the small scalloped parts that make up their feathers and wings.

Lloyd observes how wingless creatures behave in the real world before sculpting them. She informs My Contemporary Met, “I study the subjects by examining Youtube clips of them in movement and also static photographs from as many different perspectives as necessary. In addition to studying the details, I enjoy observing people’s gestures, head movements, and gestures in an effort to understand their personalities. She also visits the Booth Gallery in Hove, where she resides, a local museum of natural history. I get to see behind the scenes and get a close-up look at them, which is incredibly useful for exotic species that are less recognized.

After finishing her studies, Lloyd constructs her birds and butterflies from the outside in. “I build the framework to tilt the head to capture the individuality,” she says. “I make the internal skeleton in card and paper.” The wire legs that allow the miniatures to grip their perches and the Fimo clay eyes with high shine varnish are the only non-paper components.

A big spotted woodpecker, a blue tit, and a robin were three of Lloyd’s most recent works, and each took her around 2 months to create. Although they have already been sold, her web store still sells some of her other unique works of art.

With the help of her 3D paper creations, artist Lisa Lloyd brings avian animals to life.

Bird Sculpture Made of Paper by Lisa Lloyd

She creates exquisitely lifelike birds and butterflies out of an astounding 4,000 bits of paper per statue.

Bird Sculpture Made of Paper by Lisa LloydBird Sculpture Made of Paper by Lisa Lloyd3D Bird Sculptures by Lisa Lloyd3D Bird Sculptures by Lisa Lloyd3D Paper Art by Lisa Lloyd

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