As if nothing had happened: the former DiCaprio dances at a birthday party immediately after their breakup

Camila was spotted dancing at a party after her breakup with DiCaprio.

In August, the media announced the separation of DiCaprio and Morrone, although it seems that both of them managed to get together very quickly. Shortly after their breakup, the man was caught with the Beregova model, and Camila was hanging out with her friends at K. Gerber’s birthday party.

September 3 heiress Crawford turned 21 years old. According to the rules adopted in America, people from 21 years of age and older are allowed in bars. Kaia invited all her friends to the Offsunset nightclub in Los Angeles. It is worth noting that Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas, Paris Jackson, and Camila Morrone were also among the guests. It seemed that she could easily survive their separation, as she looked absolutely happy.

Everyone definitely had a great time at the party. Kaia hung out with friends until the morning.


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