As rescuers transport a blind elephant to a secure park after 70 years of mistreatment, she sobs with relief

Story about a blind elephant

Sook Jai the elephant has been mistreated by her owners her entire life. Before being saved so she may live out the rest of her days in peace, she suffered maltreatment for almost 70 years.

By the time it was 73 years old, the animal was being used for hiking and even for begging in the deserts. She had fully lost her sight and had almost totally lost her hearing when she was discovered.

Her existence is very similar to all elephnats kept in captivity because they work a variety of professions throughout their lifetime, some of which are more difficult than others and all of which are humiliating. Many different persons have touched her life.

She was discovered by kind rescuers, who made the decision to remove her from her torture and relocate her to the Elephant Nature Park, where she would henceforth reside. However, when they arrived to bring her up, they discovered that she was in terrible condition and had stab injuries.

She had sustained multiple injuries to her head and body as a result of being abused frequently, and she was in very poor shape.

Throughout the trip, she appeared to be quite hungry. She entered the refuge for the first time after 20 hours of travel. Sook Jai readily exited the vehicle and entered her new house.

Rescuers observed tears streaming down the elephant’s cheeks as she expressed the feeling that she was in her new room. She will now live a calm life. We believe that love will be a light in her life despite the fact that her hearing has been compromised and her eyes have dimmed.

Sook Jai has discovered a location she can call home where she may rest and restore her lost vigour after years of being used as a labour force. She is still exploring the park, riding in the mud hole, and engaging in other activities that elephants love to do despite not having sight or hearing. These happy times made her feel good, and they also made everyone who helped get her to a place where she would be cared for feel good.

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