At a gold mining camp, an abandoned polar bear was found to be safe

An abandoned polar bear

Even if you are one of the toughest animals in the world, it is difficult to survive as an orphan. A young polar bear of two years old was abandoned in the freezing Arctic woodlands. Her faith was evident. But a happy incident altered her life.

The aroma of the food lured her to the location of an expensive metal mine in the Arctic. Bolshevik was the name of the Russian Arctic Circle. In the boundaries of the region, the little bear was by herself.

The tiny cub went there since she had been hankering for food for several days. Polar bear feeding is strictly prohibited, though.

However, the group’s kindness caused the bear to stick around and give them all hugs.

However, the mine workers’ contracts eventually ran out, and they were forced to leave the location. However, they took precautions to make sure she was secure and would not suffer any harm.

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