Baby is two years younger than his mother: a fairly unique case in the USA where this girl was born

In the USA, the girl was born, who is two years younger than her mother.

Now the baby is a month and a half, but the embryo from which it developed was frozen 27 years ago.

And this is a world record!

Along with mom, dad and older sister of the photo shoot, Molly fall into the headlines of newspapers throughout America.

The Gibsons do not hide that after a long struggle against infertility.

They were able to give birth to their daughters thanks to donors who donated frozen embryos of a non -profit organization and planted them Tina Gibson.

Emma was born first, she spent 24 years in the test tube-the longest term of all frozen embryos from which healthy babies were born.

Tina said that she repeatedly thought that her daughter could be even her age.

«If this embryo was born when he was destined to appear, we could become the best friends, this is amazing!»-said Tina.

Three years later, parents decide to have a second child.

The non-profit organization that helped them find donors said that her genetic sister was frozen with Emma.

The baby was born healthy and immediately broke her sister’s record.

Parents admit that they do not claim records, but simply love their daughters endlessly.

And the organization that helped them be born proudly reports that thanks to them more than a thousand babies were born in the United States.

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