Bald with hair: this is what famous bald stars actually looked like if they were with hair

If these iconic bald celebrities had hair this is what it looked like.

For many, hair loss seems to be something tragic and terrible, while some recognized celebrities take pride in their appearance, wearing their “hairstyle” with dignity. Can you imagine V. Diesel or M. Jordan with hair? Something incredible, right? That’s why we decided to show what the legendary bald celebrities would look like if they had hair. The results will leave you all speechless.


Surprisingly, but V. Diesel once had hair, and this is how he, according to our assumption, should have looked.


The iconic Fast & Furious star looks fantastic with or without hair.


A commendable and successful comedian would look rather unusual if he had hair.


It has been many years since the legendary movie star returned to his old “rock star” hairstyle, the same as at the beginning of his dizzying career.

Here’s how M. Jordan, who always appeared with a clean-shaven head, would actually look like with hair. How unexpected!

David became the sixth person for today’s interesting experiment. Even though he has hair on the back of his head, the extra hair will only enhance his appearance, right?


Rashid Lynn, our next bald celebrity, actually looks completely unrecognizable. Nobody expected such a result!

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson, known as The Rock, would have looked even more handsome with hair on his head. Although, of course, it is his attractiveness and smile that make him one of the brightest and most beloved American actors.

The next star is S.L. Jackson, who definitely looks great whether with or without hair.

The last reincarnation is one of the legends of Hollywood, i.e. J. Malkovich.

Do you think they will really look like this with hair?

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