Beautiful act: a brave guy went down to the lake, and saved the dog unfamiliar from drowning

The dog entered the lake, but soon discovered that he was trapped in the water.

Summer has come, and many people go on a trip to new places. Like one teenage boy who recently was on vacation in Wales-and suddenly finished that he did what was not part of his duties: salvation of dog life!

The inspirational act of compassion was shared by Jane Warner, the owner of a 7-year-old Shi-Tzu named Charlie.

During a recent trip to the forest of the Penllergar Valley, Charlie decided to go for ducks. This was the first time he ever did this, and it quickly led him to trouble. Charlie entered the lake to scoop up the ducks, but soon discovered that he was trapped in the water.

Charlie walked on and further and stuck in reeds. You could see that he fought to stay afloat”,Jane Wales Online said.

Jane was worried, but could not go after him: “I am disabled, so I had no other way to swim after him. What just left me helplessly to stand on the shore and think: “What the hell should I do now?”

And then a completely stranger jumped into the water and swam behind Charlie!

It was not an easy task, but the teenager successfully sailed and also reached Charlie. He let go of his beloved dog, and also took her back ashore.

“The inadequate guy himself was later in shock,” Jane said. “I think that in fact it was a more complicated voyage than he expected, and I am very glad that he risked his own security as he did.”

Despite the fact that it was not easy, Charlie was worth maintaining the life of Charlie. Jane was extremely grateful: “Therefore, I have no doubt that if Connor had not contacted him right now, he would have died,” she said to Wales Online.

Jane shared the story on Facebook. She never recognized the name of the boy, but she wanted to give him his due for his exceptional good deed.

“This young Scottish boy is my hero!” She created.

However, when the message became viral, she soon discovered his personality: Connor Telford, a 17-year-old guy from Dundie, Scotland. As soon as she found out that the active day was his first time in Wales.

“He stayed in Scotland, and today appeared in Wales, this was his first stop during a vacation at The Mumbles,” Jane wrote.

Of course, it was a rather active and laborious start of vacation: “This was the first day of Connor’s first trip to Wales – and, oh my God, how it ended,” Connor said. Mom’s girlfriend Shelagh informed Wales Online.

He is not a very good swimmer, but hastily entered the lake, not taking care of his own security. He came out untidy, trembled noticeably, and was also literally sick – but is well recovered from his experience. ”

However, she claims that the teenager recovered thanks to ice cream, and he is often called the hero on the Internet.

“Without this guy and you, applauding and encouraging him, so that he continues to communicate with him after that, I would tell a completely different story,” Jane wrote.

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