Beautiful friends: a cute dog and a saved fox became best friends and created a real relationship

Animals can teach people a lot about unconditional love.

You could see the Fox and the Dog and wonder what would happen if this fairy tale had actually happened; To your surprise, Pauline Ashanola turned out to be the person with whom this happened.

Pauline Ashanola brought home a two -week fox, whom she saved, and called him Marley, because she could not find a shelter for him.

When poor Marley was discovered; She was all in flies and ticks, and if Pauline had not seen her, she would have died in just 15 minutes.

Pauline loves to help animals, therefore, although she is not sure how her dogs will respond to the appearance of brothers and sisters of another kind, she decided to personally take care of tiny gauze and restore his health.

Before that, she had a wonderful pit bull named Ernie. At first, Ernie is very afraid of Marley and she also does not like him, then gradually she begins to sleep closer to him. The more time they spent at the same time, the stronger the friendship of animals. In addition, they walk together, play together all day and sleep together every night.

Dogs are usually used for fox hunting, but these two are the best friends,” says Pauline, talking about his two favorite children. It resembles a “fox and hound” in real life. Although Ernie seems a tiny bully, he is actually a big child and so gentle and sweet with her.

Pauline even abandoned her perfect work of Grumer to devote more time to help orphans. She understands that this is more than just work. This is a mission, and she is very happy to save these precious lives!

It’s beautiful…! That is how your creator initially wanted, complete harmony with all animals and the human family.

They are so beautiful together …!

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