Beautiful friendship: blind dog and guide dog become best friends who are always close to each other

Amos the blind dog has the best companion.

Jess Martin discovered canine Amos while volunteering for the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service. Amos is a Staffordshire Greyhound, blind from birth.

Afterwards, Jess makes the decision to bring her pet Amos home and wonders how Toby, her 9-year-old border terrier at home, will definitely react to her new friend.

Amos and Toby deserve all the love!

At first, Jess claims that Toby is growling at Amos, as opposed to Amos simply ignoring him. “After a few days, Toby saw that Amos couldn’t find his water bowl and then started pushing him and also helping him find the water bowl.

Jess was amazed and stunned that they were very close and immediately became friends. Toby later became Amos’ pet dog. Toby constantly guards Amos and also convinces him to find a bowl of water.

Jess added: “When we go for a walk, Amos is usually scared, especially by the sound, and also Toby immediately understands that his close friend needs help, so when Amos leaves, Toby will come and lie next to Amos until he is ready”.

“They have established a good bond between the two dogs which recognize each other’s boundaries”. Jess continued, “Amos’ main problem is that there are all sorts of other dogs that don’t like him when they get close to him because he can’t interact in the same way, so Amos doesn’t have any other buddies yet, Toby”.

May Amos and Toby’s relationship remain strong, as well as with each other forever.

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