Beautiful lady: incomprehensibly cute Deva looks like her mother or she has a completely different beauty

Monica Bellucci’s daughter is already popular and works as a model.

From the age of 14, Deva Cassel began collaborating with the Dolce & Gabanna brand. Also, Deva is filmed for popular magazines and other projects. Surely the girl does not get bored when she is compared with the famous mother, and not so long ago they started talking about this directly because of her subsequent departure to the Soviet Union.

For this reason, Deva decided to wear a formal jumpsuit and pumps, without using bright makeup. Hair was also styled in waves, the image turned out to be quite adult, but simple. There were also comments: “She is far from her mother”, “No, not a breed”, “She has her own beauty, definitely not a mother” and “She is so attractive,” the girl commented under the frames. .

Do you think Deva looks like her mother or does she have a completely different beauty?

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