Beautiful story: a caring man every day goes for a walk with a paralyzed German Guard

They symbolize what true love and fidelity to the dog and the master should be.

These images of how much this man loves his dog deserve much more than a thousand words. They symbolize what true love and fidelity to the dog and the master should be. For lovers of pets, dogs are a family. From the day they enter our homes, we suggest taking care of them with love and dignity until they emit the last breath, crossing the rainbow bridge. This includes caring for them when they grow up or when they get sick. So, when Brian Thompson walked in the jubi-park of Dartmut, Massachusetts, his attention was attracted by a guy who drove his home dog in the van.

Interested in why the white German shepherd, wrapped in a blanket on that cold day, remained in the van, he went to the man and introduced himself. A man with a dog said that his dog has degenerative myelopathy, and she can no longer walk on her own.

He further said that degenerative myelopathy or DM is a dynamic disease that affects the spinal cord, causing a slowdown in the modern weakness of the back or leg, as well as paralysis. The man’s favorite puppy could no longer walk in the park, which she really liked, the man continued to take her for walks every day so that she could enjoy fresh air.

The man stayed to share how he took her with him for a walk every day, and that he was sure that if the roles change places, she would do the same for him.

The breed of Shiba-Inu dogs was originally bred for catching birds and small game, and was also sometimes used to hunt boars.

Shiba are known for their energetic personality, small standing ears, as well as cat dexterity. Today they are proposed mainly as companies in Japan and the USA.

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With its standing ears, narrowed eyes, as well as a curly tail, this breed from the country of the rising sun resembles a fox or, possibly, a plush toy.

Due to its independence, Shiba-Inu is not the easiest type for training.

Despite all this, Shiba-Inu is a good family dog, faithful and devoted, and also gets along well with children, if it is socialized and educated, and the children treat him well.

The access to the street for some action is also crucial for the Shiba. He needs excellent daily workouts, whether it is a walk in your area or a run along with his own mistress.

Shiba-Inu is a wonderful friend, although his stubborn character can be excessive for some people. Others are fascinated by his tongs, as well as fidelity, therefore, amateurs claim that the possession of Shiba is not just a dog ownership, this is a lifestyle.

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