Boy took similar cat from shelter with “Harelip” and different-colored eyes

Wonderful boy with different-colored eyes and his cat

A child named Madden, who shared the same physical differences, was the ideal host for a cat with different eyes—one light green and one blue—and an upper lip cleft, or “harelip.”

Madden had surgery on his lip not long after he was born, so the cleft in his lip is now barely visible.

Madden is an Oklahoma-born 7-year-old boy. Heterochromia, a disorder that affects the eyes, meant that he had it from birth.

Madden is an Oklahoma-born 7-year-old boy. Heterochromia, a disorder of the eyes, caused him to have multicoloured eyes at birth. Madden’s mother realised right away that the greatest companion for her kid would be a 2-year-old cat with the same condition that was in a Minnesota shelter.

The cat, Valentine, resided at the Mankato animal shelter Mending Spirits Animal Rescue. Valentine is attractive on the outside and is also very modest and kind, but he really needs human attention, says a volunteer at the shelter.

When friends and anonymous Internet users realised why Madden and his parents were travelling, they received donations for the flight from Oklahoma to Minnesota so they could pick up the cat from the shelter.

When Madden and Valentine first met, they bonded right away, and the cat gave the kid a tender embrace. The cat was then given the name Moon by Madden.

They are both exceptionally attractive boys who were born with cleft lips and distinct sets of eyes. Christina Humphreys, the boy’s mother, adds, “We knew they were intended for each other.

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