Charming woman: this time the beautiful Jolie’s strange outfit on the street surprised everyone

The paparazzi photographed Angelina Jolie in a strange outfit.

After breaking up with Brad Pitt, Jolie completely lost herself, because this change was not easy for her. The woman stopped going to official meetings, did not communicate with journalists, and only occasionally goes to the store or for a walk with her children. On one of those infrequent occasions when she was photographed by the paparazzi lenses, Jolie came out in a black hat, trousers and sandals, without makeup on her face.

Nevertheless, over the previous six months, the woman has changed, even participated in a photo shoot and began to go out at a red light. Looks like the famous actress is back. But recently, the paparazzi caught her again, photographing her in sweatpants and a mismatched coat.

The pants were definitely more expensive than the famous Dior, but the pants were still homemade, and she went out for a walk. Of course, this is the work of an actress, but it does not match her elegant image.

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