Chimera the cat appears commonplace only from a profile. She is, nevertheless, a cat with two personalities

The cat with 2 different eye colors

Any happy owner’s cat is the most beautiful pet there is. Nobody contests that! However, there are some fluffers that not only make their owners happy but even unattached others. The most vivid illustration of this is an Argentine cat by the name of Chimera, whose contradictory personality will astound everyone!

Chimera is an extremely peculiar cat.

Her two-part muzzle is very distinguishable.

She has a redhead with golden eyes on her left side.

And the right side has a blue eye and is black.

Her profile gives the impression that she is just a regular cat.

Only from the front does her dual nature become apparent.

Her owner never stops posting images of his cherished cat to his followers.

Even dresses up as Chimera!

The cat is beloved by subscribers, who draw her from various perspectives.

Likewise, picture how she might appear if she were a human.

Chimera clearly merits such admiration and affection!

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