Clever, sweet and tiny puppy hurries to help this elderly woman so that she could sit down

These cute creatures also recognize when a person cannot be trusted.

According to a specialist and behaviorist Frania Shelley Grind, people take care of domestic animals for a variety of reasons.

Our mind instinctively believes that we must touch them, hug them and take care of them.

We can ignore all this when we want, and this is true.

That is why some people are ready to live alone, if they have creatures that can be fed, washed, taken care of and adore.

That is why some unfortunate people seem to find a friend of life in pets.

And when people begin to live with four-legged pets, even the most powerful hearts soften to these cute babies.

They can find a lot in us, determine our mood and adapt to what we are experiencing at the moment.

Dogs can find a disease and come to our aid to reassure us and help us recover faster.

They also recognize when a person cannot be trusted.

An elderly woman sweeps the outside, and her dogs in these photographs are impudent and playful.

When a woman lowered her knees to sit on a stool, the dog has already determined that she was too far from her.

A dog is often chosen by a dog. The dog pushes the woman until she can reach her.

The dog rises to the hind legs, and also relies on this woman to help after she comfortably settled on the chair


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