Colorful porcelain vessels inspired by the Suffolk coast by a ceramicist

Colorful porcelain vessels

Porcelain Vessels by Sophie Cook

Porcelain is regarded as one of the most getting more important of pottery because of its high sensitivity and pure white hue. Due to the exacting production process necessary to make a final piece, it is also one of the most challenging materials to deal with. Sophie Cook, a well-known visual artist, uses the medium to create minimalist porcelain containers that are defined by the straightforward elegance of their flowing forms and tones, which are influenced by the surroundings of the Suffolk shore, where she resides.

Cook says, “My bottles, pods, and raindrops are about color and shape.”A single item works fine, but when exhibited in a group, they take on the form of a three-dimensional still life… Since porcelain is such a flowing material on the wheel, each item is difficult to create.

Despite the fact that so many people can recognize the skill and labor that go into making ceramic vessels, few are aware of the number of tries it can take to create a successful final product, even for an experienced craftsperson like Cook. Cook explains her method as, “I throw 4 items a day, which are left to dry for two days, and then are cut to perfect the form. When sprayed, they take a week to dry. It is a very sensitive procedure. All 4 parts seldom, if ever, get it through the cutting and burning procedures.

The ones that succeed provide as evidence of her artistic vision. When fired, many of the tiny ceramic containers have matte surfaces, while others have glossy surfaces that reflect sunlight. Others have a lower profile with large, rounded bellies arching up to meet every tiny hole, while some are towering with long, thin necks dipping down to a wider base.

View photographs of Cook’s amazing creations by scrolling down. Check the artist’s webpage or join her on Insta to learn more. Check her store to get one of her beautiful creations for yourself.

Porcelain pots created by ceramicist Sophie Cook are distinguished by the uncomplicated elegance of their fluid forms and tones.

Ceramic Vessels by Sophie Cook

The nature of the Suffolk shore, where she resides, served as inspiration for these breathtaking works of art.

Porcelain Vessels by Sophie CookPorcelain Vessels by Sophie CookCeramic Vessels by Sophie Cook

Despite being lovely on their own, they take on a three-dimensional still life when shown in groupings.

Ceramic Vessels by Sophie CookPorcelain Vessels by Sophie CookPorcelain Vessels by Sophie Cook

Creating a completed piece demands a lot of patience and talent because porcelain is one of the hardest forms of pottery to deal with.

Porcelain Vessels by Sophie CookCeramic Vessels by Sophie CookPorcelain Vessels by Sophie Cook

View the designer at work in this clip!

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