Crystal-based sculptures depicting the human body examine love and loss themes

What a beautiful crystal-based sculptures

Sculptures by Debra Baxter

What would you chose if you could give sorrow a tangible form? Debra Baxter attempts to address this and other issues in her solo performance, Love Tears. The jewelry designer and sculptor creates strange artworks that examine difficult human emotions such as love and sorrow by fusing crystal shards, steel, wood, and glass.

Baxter started producing these pieces as a tribute to a buddy who had recently died. She thought about how to commemorate things that are basically ephemeral during this time of grieving. Each type of love inevitably involves pain, according to Baxter. “I’m interested by the manner in which we express our sadness and grieving, and I try to check my ability to strike a balance between the quick, frequently ostentatious display of loss and my use of durable materials. It concerns loss and legacy.

While some of these works have literal forms, like a heartbeat or a pair of lungs, others are abstraction depictions of emotions. For example, Love Hard features a white quartz pedestal upon which a recycled glass human heart is perched. Both the durability and delicacy of these two substances are well recognized. So, Baxter emphasizes the fragility of our own hearts by turning these delicate materials into a component of the human structure. Equal to that, Golden Heart (Almost) is a golden and crystal heart that emphasizes the elegance of intense, frequently emotional pain.

Up to January 15, 2022, you can view Baxter’s artwork in person at the form & idea museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. By joining the artist on Insta, you may up – to – date with her most recent endeavors.

Debra Baxter is a jewellery designer and artist that makes incredible creations out of stones, steel, and glass.

Sculptures by Debra Baxter

Love Tears, her show, is now on display at Santa Fe, New Mexico’s form & idea museum through January 15, 2022.

Sculptures by Debra BaxterSculptures by Debra BaxterSculptures by Debra BaxterSculptures by Debra BaxterSculptures by Debra BaxterSculptures by Debra Baxter

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