Cute creature: lovely dog adopted a kitten and cared for her little ones

The story of a Doberman Pinscher taking care of a kitten with his babies.

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and this Doberman mom shows it applies to any type of creature.

Doberman Pinschers are not trusted, and in pop culture, Doberman Pinschers are usually portrayed as very strong and even ferocious.

A week after she gave birth to six puppies last month, Ruby has taken in and looked after another “abandoned” newborn kitten that she considers her own.

Ruby’s owner Brittany Callan and her family keep 14 Dobermans on their ranch, including 6 Ruby’s newly born puppies.

Ruby Mama will also hold her newborn baby in her mouth, she constantly shields the kitty from her kind brothers and sisters.

Ruby with Rose and other mess of young puppies.

A kitten named “Ramblin Rose” was found by Callan in the grass. Upon seeing the missing kitty, Callan immediately thought of Ruby, who had actually just had babies. She brought the kitten home in the hope that Ruby’s mother’s “reaction” would come and she would accept the kitten and take care of it.

So wonderful Ruby licked Rose like she was a cat mom.

This shows how caring and kind house dogs can be when it comes to taking care of both kittens and puppies at the same time.

Rose now has a good life with Ruby as well as her children.

Ruby also carried her baby around your house in her mouth. They also got together and slept together like little family members.

Delighted, Callan posted photos of Ruby as well as Rose’s first conference on Facebook, where she wrote, “Really can’t get over how well Ruby treated this kitten”.

Speaking about the name of her beloved cat, Callan said that it was her relative who named her in memory of her late dad.

Callan, who currently takes care of 18 pet dogs, including 6 Dobermans, is also stunned and happy that Ruby and Rose’s story is going viral.

These are 2 completely different types that really collaborated. Just something really soulful.

Love should not value differences. We can learn a lot from pets like Ruby.

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Source: Brittany Callan.

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