Cute creature: this lovely dog loves to nap on the backs of fluffy and warm-coated dogs

When tired, everyone wants to take a nap in a soft and cozy place.

Edna is a cuddly puppy who loves to be cuddled and has found that the best way to take a nap is to rest on cuddly pet dogs next to her.

Edna goes to a dog daycare while her mum and dad are working, and Edna makes a few other friends there. Like other puppies, Edna will run like crazy for several hours until she uses up all her energy.

Brianna Gottfried posted pictures of Edna sleeping on various dogs on her Instagram with the caption: “Anyone else looking for cozy pets to snuggle up to???”

She told Dodo, “When it was time to get home, I always had to separate Edna from the other dog”.

Edna may have grown in size, but she always had a choice of hugs. Gottfried posted a photo of Edna sleeping on the couch with her head resting on the pillow and her tongue hanging out. She wrote: “I spend Friday night watching her sleep”.

These simply irresistible photos of puppies napping on other pets went viral and ended up being a day for a lot of people.

One person commented, “It really makes my day”. Additional essay: “Okay, let’s record the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in a long time!”

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