Cute puppy seen by mother assisting daughter with laundry

Cute puppy helped a girl with laundry

The monotony of housework is reduced when a lovely companion is there to assist.

Ask Lassie, Thaisa’s service dog, about this.

Taisa’s mother, Rhani Cristo, requested her to bring a few mats that had just been cleaned and dried outside. The rugs would get dirty again if Taisa stacked them on the floor, so she usually had to bring them inside one at a time.

But with her dog’s assistance, they were able to come up with a better solution.

When Cristo turned to face the street, he saw Lassie carrying rugs on her back. I was astounded.

Taisa and Lassie worked on the laundry while Paçoca, the family’s other dog, took care of it. It was genuinely a collaborative effort.

There was no doubt that the puppies were doing more for Taisa.

They get along well,” Cristo continued. My infant adores them.

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