Cute scene: a beautiful tiger cub rejected by his mother, found calm in the puppy

Absolutely magnificent best and cute friends forever.

Young and playful Bengal tiger cub, born in the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary reserve in South Africa.

He had to be separated from his mother how she began to show aggressive behavior in relation to him.

He was the only baby in the litter, and it is very important for him to have a companion.

So cute, they are so precious together.

It was then that Hunter made friends with the puppy of Mikhaletos Chelsea, who was a German pointer.

They really enjoy each other.

Michaletos said: now little guys are always together. In the morning, when I take Chelsea for a walk, she runs to his cage and welcomes him.

It is very useful for him to have a four -legged friend, because he can play in the same way as with another single -Metal.

Such love and beauty …!

Communication is vital for cubs, they even sad when it is time for them to disperse during the day.

Unfortunately, the pair connection was supposed to end in a few months, a six -month tiger can be dangerous for a six -month puppy.

All you need is love, no matter what you are. Being kind and caring is of great importance.

Different friendly relations can be wonderful!

If they can be friends, people from around the world should learn something from these two animals.

Animals, of course, can teach us people to accept and love our differences!

“Unconditional love” in action, I love it …

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