Cute scene: caring guy built a mini restaurant for the animals that walk in his backyard

The guy created an amazing little outdoor fenced dining place for squirrels.

While some people have had fun building cute miniature picnic tables for squirrels in their backyard, James Vreeland actually decided to take it one step further; he created a full-fledged small restaurant.

Vreeland is a true animal enthusiast and constantly makes sure the critters around him are fed, producing feeders for all the little birds as well as squirrels in his backyard.

However, after Vreeland, like the rest of us, had to get used to the whole new fact of self-isolation, he made the decision to take it to the next level.

Vreeland got to work and also created a stunning little open-air fenced-in dining space with small benches, a Maitre D’ station, food selection, a wardrobe, and even some elegant artwork in the form of carefully selected squirrel sculptures. .

He gave the restaurant the elegant French name “Maison du Noix”, which translates to “Nut House”, and also gives some idea of what’s on the menu.

Veerland offers its customers a choice of seeds, stale bread and/or crusts, raw in-shell peanuts, and delicious softened apples.

Shortly after the restaurant opened, missions began to arrive and it became clear that the restaurant was likely to be a success.

Attractive customers were very pleased with the new establishment, and the carefully selected selection of dishes was very tasty.

Maison du Noix is the most popular new squirrel establishment and also in the squirrel neighborhood.

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