Cute scene: lovely dog checks babies every day to make sure they’re safe

The dog respects the kids by checking the every day.

Dog Sunny, the adorable Goldendoodle, lives in Branford, Connecticut, and is the vital guardian of 3 triplets. Warm likes the new members of his family, who visit his three children every day to make sure everything is in order.

Lauren Barnes, a mom of three, shared a video on TikTok of Warm coming to check on the kids. Barnes called the video “a charming σverload”. Shortly after the video went viral, the pet’s wistfulness is warming the hearts of everyone on the internet.

All three children gathered and snuggled up to the sofa. The glasses don’t seem to be in order, but Sunny is often available to double-check. Two-month-old babies are preparing for the arrival of their pet Sunny.

This time, Sunny stood on the nearest stool and snuggled up next to the triplets. He pulled his chair out to get a better look at these lovely children. He stays just long enough to make sure that the variety of children you have pleases and delights you.

With shining eyes, Sunny changed her weight and also quickly stretched. The Kid appeared, bending down to watch the Sunny.

After sniffing and also kissing, every 3rd baby is checked for the last time. Warm records back that everything stays in order here. Bright dog stated “My goal here is one of a kind”.

Warm turned her eyes to the video camera, as if letting her know that every little thing here is simply magnificent. What a wonderful house dog. Barnes shared a cute image of Warm snuggling or watching her babies, keeping them cozy and clean.

Warm always takes care of these kids and I’m sure they really feel the same way.

Sunny will be the best friend for children when they fall in love.

Watch the video below.

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