Cute scene: the dog found a box with lonely kittens and became the best adoptive father

 Cute scene: the dog found a box with lonely kittens and became the best adoptive father

This caring dog is a real hero who saves these cute kittens.

What an amazing charming cute friendly puppy, so cute for these precious kittens.

Even the dog will stop in front of the five abandoned lives, this is true, but there will always be those who calmly pass by the unfortunate.

Aragon, a dog belonging to the volunteer of the SCARS rescue group, went on a regular walk when she suddenly began to drag the rescuer to a cardboard box with five cats. Hunger and fatigue require the life of abandoned youth.

It is a pity that many animals will never know what it means to have a loving house or family. They are abandoned or expelled, even insulted and tortured to death.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case in Greece, when a large number of animals, including puppies, kittens, rabbits and birds, are left in cardboard boxes. And the worst thing is that foxes often get to them before rescuers. Fortunately, he arrived in time to save kittens.

Scars is a rescue organization very devoted to their business. In just one month they managed to save more than 25 kittens. Soon the kittens were brought, examined and issued a certificate of health status.

People praise Aragon as a hero!

They have a very special fur nanny, Aragon, who works 24 hours a day to take care of them. Their adoptive father, Aragon, perfectly coped with his work. He hugs them and protects them to give them a sense of safety and affection. He is sincerely devoted to five children who saved, although sometimes dogs and cats do not get along. He sincerely melts our hearts when he plays with kittens.

The kittens will remain with Aragon until they become a little older, and the family will not adopt them forever.

It’s nice to watch how cats and dogs get along so well. Love cannot know views!

The dog is very loving, he saved the life of kittens, he is his hero! Thanks for the salvation of kittens.

May God grant the health of this beautiful dog.

The video of the salvation can be viewed below: