Cute scene: this cat was saved by beautiful Husky now she considers herself a huge dog like them

One of the cutest friendly relations is friendship between a dog and a cat.

We told you enough stories to demonstrate that dogs and cats can be best friends.

There are no dogs that imitate cats, but many kittens like to feel stronger and demonstrate a dog attitude.

In this story we have a similar situation.

Kozi, a small and defenseless cat, was once thrown into the street, helpless and bewildered. But, fortunately, she was saved by the mistress of the three Husky, with whom she grew up. Now Kozi is already an adult cat who considers itself a large and brave dog, like her “brothers.”

We just look. She sincerely believes that she is a member of this other family. This is not surprising, given that they grew together. Kozi likes to portray an imperious personality and feel more than it is. This cat could not live without its older brothers.

She likes to play with them, demonstrate her flexible tricks with her body and just be in their company. Kozi is safe, and, possibly, the safety ensured by her sobac brothers makes the cat feel much more confident than she.

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