Damaged tree is transformed into a hand reaching for the sky by an artist using a chainsaw

Damaged tree is transformed into a wonderful sculpture

Hand Sculpture Reaching Towards the Sky

With his enormous artwork of a hand rising from a tree trunk, sculptor Simon O’Rourke gives new meaning to the phrase “palm tree.” The artwork, Giant Hand of Vyrnwy, stands 50 ft and changes right before your eyes. The sculpture’s foundation is a typical tree, but as you look up, it starts to shed its bark and transform into an arm with smooth skin, ending with the soft wrinkles in the palm and fingers. This change from harsh to smooth has a mythical feel, as though a gigantic were attempting to land on Earth.

The previous largest tree in Wales is adorned with the Giant Hand of Vyrnwy carving. In fact, O’Rourke was given the opportunity to make the artwork in the first location. Oil And natural gas Wales intended to contract an expert to sculpt the tree after it was cut down since it had been storm-damaged.

The idea of cutting this enormous figure and making a tribute for a very well site “truly intrigued me,” says O’Rourke. “I started looking into the region and discovered that the Giants of Vyrnwy were the name of the wooded area where the tree was located. This got me to wondering, so I chose a huge hand to represent the titans and the tree’s final effort to reach the sky.

The necessary equipment and a committed work ethic were needed to create such an outstanding sculpture. The designer remembers, “To make it safe to work on, a scaffold was required, and the landscape was so tough that it took 2 days to create the scaffolding. “Intensive labour using machetes and crushers continued for 5 days. The tree wasn’t wide enough just to construct the entire hand, so I had to add two sections to make the thumb and very little finger. When the artwork was finished, O’Rourke covered it in tung oil, an environmentally friendly oil made of natural plant sources.

The method was not only a magnificent piece of art, but it also served as a helpful lesson for O’Rourke. I really enjoyed working on the hand statue because it made me realise how tiny we are in comparison to some of the other living things on the world, he says. Overall, it was a humble event.

Chainsaw artist Simon O’Rourke carved a massive hand sprouting from a tree stump.

Hand Sculpture Reaching Towards the SkyHand Sculpture Reaching Towards the Sky

The method of developing the artwork was laborious. Over the span of 6 days, O’Rourke sculpted the hand while on a scaffolding.

Chainsaw Carving Artist Simon O'Rourke With Hand Sculpture

Chainsaw Carving Artist Simon O'Rourke With Hand SculptureChainsaw Carving Artist Simon O'Rourke With Hand Sculpture

Everyone may now admire the artwork because it is situated close to Lake Vyrnwy, a reservoir in Powys, Wales.


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