Daughter gave her mum a final surprise

Mum’s surprise

Here is a sad tale of a sick woman who had a limited time left to live. She had one goal she valued achieving. Her daughter fulfilled her final wish for her by doing it. The lady loved deer. Bambi was another one of her obsessions. She therefore desired to witness a deer in her final moments.

For their mother who had become unwell, Lisa and her sister gave it their all. Her condition, however, was incurable. So, regrettably, she was short on time.

She also shared with her daughters her dying request, which was to see a deer. She owned a T-shirt with the image of Bambi and loved the movie.

Finding a real deer would be challenging, Lisa realised. However, she made contact with a farm owner who kindly consented to accept the horse after hearing about the circumstances. And what a gathering that was. And consider the woman’s feelings. She was both astonished and ecstatic. She exuded a lot of energy and delight. The sweet woman gently petted the little deer. It was a truly stunning moment.

Your heart will melt watching the video.

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