Despite being unable to walk, this rescued cat cares for other sick animals

A cat cares for other sick animals

This cat was rescued and is now immobile, but he continues to assist sick and needy animals. Although everyone refers to him as Luc, he lives at a veterinary clinic in Perm, Russia. His name is Lucifer.

Due to a leg issue, Luc was paralysed when he was discovered, but he now enjoys a happy life with a family and a profession.

Lucifer encourages and supports the survival of other animals at the clinic. Because of what he has experienced, he can identify with others’ suffering.

When he curls up next to patients to keep them warm, Luc provides company that the patients like. He has also helped save countless lives by giving organs to other animals at the hospital.

Luc works in advertising for the marketing division despite being unable to walk and obviously takes great pride in showing love and comfort to those who are in need.

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