Despite the tornado destroying their home, the pet survived

The pet survived from tornado

When Bruce and Oona Dunlap heard about a tornado on the news, their television cable abruptly went out, leaving them with little time to hear the rest of the crucial information.

To observe what was happening outside, the men in Logan County, Arkansas, opened their door. There was no breeze and the sky was clear. Bruce quickly informed Oona that there was no tornado at all, but fortunately their neighbor, who had been able to see the rest of the announcement on TV, advised them to seek shelter right away.

It was fortunate that the couple listened because their home was completely demolished in less than five minutes!

The husband and wife took swift action. Then they started looking for their four cats and two dogs after helping their crippled neighbor move into the storm shelter. Lady Cow, one of the cats, was nowhere to be found, while Dasha, the dog, steadfastly refused to leave the house.

Without his two pets, Bruce had to hide out in a shelter. No time was left to wait! Before the tornado struck the house, the man hardly had time to slam the door to the shelter. The family’s possessions were dispersed over the area in a matter of seconds after the roof collapsed.

The pair visited the ruin the following day and started looking over what was remained of the house. They had already mourned the loss of their two cats, not expecting either to live. As soon as the family started looking around the house, Dasha, their dog, appeared in the ruins and ran joyfully toward her owners!

In tears, Bruce’s wife apologized to her pet for having to be separated from her and snatched up the animal.

The cat soon emerged from the debris! Ladybug hurried to greet her owners as well, drenched and trembling from the cold.

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