Dog left behind won’t leave cardboard box while awaiting owner’s return

The dog waited his owner’s return

Dogs are such devoted and caring creatures. Any pet owner will attest to how pleasant it is to arrive home to a dog that is eagerly awaiting you, as if it had been waiting for you the entire time.

Unfortunately, dogs do occasionally show loyalty to owners who don’t deserve or return their love. In spite of the intense heat, one poor puppy who had been left behind in a cardboard box continued to wait in vain for his owner’s return.

The non-profit rescue group Dallas Dog claims that a 10-month-old dog was abandoned on the side of the road. The pup resisted going outside of his kennel in spite of everything.

According to the Dallas Canine Organization’s Facebook post, “She was just sitting there.” I kept waiting in the hopes that someone would return.

She stayed put.

She was left behind by her owners in the middle of nowhere, but it seems the dog was unaware of this and patiently awaited their return.

Even though the heat was intolerable, she didn’t move. The head temperature was reportedly 110 degrees, while the temperature was above 104 degrees.

Thankfully, a neighbor located the dog and provided her some water. Animal control was called, and they came and picked her up.

The dog was given the name “Harvest” since the box she was discovered in said, “Diced potatoes with premium seasoning “Harvest”.”

Harvest was rescued from a Dallas dog shelter. The scared dog wouldn’t even leave his booth as they traveled to the shelter.

According to Patti Dawson, the president of Dallas Dog, “They left the box in her cage because it was for her safety.” She was visibly shaking with anxiety, as evidenced by her shoulders and entire body.

Dallas Dog was scrambling to find a foster family because it was obvious that the terrified puppy needed additional TLC.

Luckily, a family like that was quickly located, and Harvest experienced her first loving home. The photographs show her trading a cardboard box for a comfy bed as her character quickly started to emerge:

She took approximately a week to truly open up, and since then, according to Dawson, she hasn’t slowed down or turned around.

The dog is currently in foster care and searching for a new family to adopt her into their home permanently, so her happy ending has not yet occurred.

Harvest is in good hands with her foster family, healing and receiving much-needed affection, as Dallas Dog works to find her a permanent home.

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