Dog trapped on highway gives rescuer the biggest embrace after being saved

Dog gave rescuer the biggest embrace

On their way home, Evie and Leslie Benson spotted a small dog. It stood in the line of an oncoming 18-wheeler truck, absolutely terrified.

They squinted their eyes shut in dread of witnessing this puppy get struck by a car. The dog thankfully moved out of the way in time.

Benson understood what she needed to do.

The puppy’s tail kept wagging despite the fact that he was filthy and extremely underweight.

According to Benson, “It wrenched my heart to think of what this dog had gone through, how afraid and lonely he was.” The car travel went smoothly. When he finally fell asleep in my arms, I started crying.

The dog was soon adopted after they brought him to a shelter.

Benson went back the next day to see how the dog was doing. The puppy leaped into her arms as soon as she arrived, which surprised her because she wasn’t sure if he would recognize her.

We were seated alongside him in the room, and at that precise time, we were overcome with emotion, according to Benson. «My mother and I both began to cry… When I sat him down on the floor, he snuggled up in my lap and smiled. He gave me a hug while even lying on top of me.

Since the dog never wagged his tail, Benson quickly gave him the ideal name and started calling him Wags.

It breaks my heart that I can’t adopt him, Benson said.

She won’t be able to adopt him because she’s heading off to college in the autumn, but she has faith that Wags will swiftly find a family.

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