Dollar coin sculpture created by artist using hidden moving mechanisms

Dollar coin sculpture made from hidden moving mechanisms

Mechanical Hobo Nickel by Roman Booteen

Since the 18th century, hobo nickel carving has been a traditional art, but Russian sculptor Roman Booteen maintains it alive with his incredible coin carving creations. Booteen, a contemporary expert at creating astonishing bas relief artworks out of old coins, has created anything from a gold insect with moving wings to a mechanical heart beat. His most recent creation is no different; he painstakingly changed a US dollar coin from 1921 to include a 3D glove and sword with a hidden function.

Hand-cut and engraved from the center of the coin, Booteen’s incredibly intricate design features a metal armor glove with decorative, hand-engraved details. The glove is holding onto a sword that seems to be plunged into the side of the coin. The piece is already impressive as a still sculpture; however, once the hidden button on the outer edge of the coin is pressed, the metal components come to life. An integrated spring allows the fingers of the glove to move, as if it’s gasping the sword’s handle.

Check out Booteen’s amazing hobo nickel above, and visit his Instagram account for more of his wonderful work.

The hobo nickel design on this antique U.S. dollar coin was created by Russian artist Roman Booteen.

Sword Hobo Nickel by Roman Booteen

A covert button on the side of the small bas relief sculpture activates a covert mechanism.

Mechanical Hobo Nickel by Roman BooteenSword Hobo Nickel by Roman Booteen

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