Dramatic diorama unveils “really” what caused the Titanic to sink

What caused the Titanic to sink

Diorama Art Featuring Titanic and Godzilla

Boiz Smith, a devoted do-it-yourselfer, produces dramatic recreations that portray historical facts in a magical way. His most recent work is a reenactment of the infamous Titanic disaster in 1912. Smith speculates that a gigantic sea creature (Godzilla) destroyed the vessel rather than the known berg that it struck in history.

In a diorama built using substances like epoxy plastic and plastic clay, among others, Smith establishes the scenario. He demonstrates how he made each of the components required for this project in an educational Video clip. Godzilla was created by first shaping its form out of oven-bake clay and afterwards embellishing its stunning slimy textures with acrylic paint. Godzilla can be seen nearing the bottom of an otherwise unwary vessel. Constructing the Titanic requires a distinct strategy from Smith. He purchased and stitched together such a 1:2000 size Titanic figure to make sure it was an authentic depiction.

Smith needed to construct the sea where the ship and creature would meet once the 2 major components of the diorama had been put together. He began pouring blue-tinted plastic into the bottom of a plastic bottle to accomplish this. To make a mould, the plastic, Titanic, and Godzilla were all placed inside the rectangle. Smith removed the plastic after his sculpture had fully dried and then added water patterns and other final touches. Watching the process take place over the course of around nine minutes is fascinating.

View more images from the Godzilla and Titanic diorama by scrolling down, and view Smith’s creations in the following movie.

A stunning diorama made by do-it-yourselfer Boiz Smith depicts Godzilla poised to assault a Titanic vessel.

Diorama Art Featuring Titanic and GodzillaDiorama Art Featuring Titanic and GodzillaDiorama Art Featuring Titanic and Godzilla

In this thorough do-it-yourself film, Smith demonstrates how everything was made:

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