Even during the conflict, the 20 people who reside there can still visit the Ukrainian Cat Cafe

Story about an Ukrainian Cat Cafe

The Cat Cafe Lviv has been operating for a while and continues to extend a kind welcome to visitors despite the conflict.

It was home to 20 cats who like to greet guests and relax with them as they ate or took a break. This cafe is a tranquil spot in Lviv where visitors may unwind and play with cats who are always happy to see them.

Due to the dire situation in their nation, many Ukrainians are currently emigrating. Serhii Oliinyk, the cafe’s proprietor, insists that they will not leave their nation. Despite all the challenges, they plan to remain there.

They are welcoming and allow anyone who needs a warm place to stay and some downtime. The cafe has several rooms, two of which are on the base, making it a safe haven for tourists and animals in the event of an air raid alert.

Oliinyk’s family includes the cute kitties, and they will continue to live together.

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