Even young people will envy. A 72-year-old woman with a gorgeous figure works as a fitness trainer

There are people who break these stereotypes and inspire others not to obey them.

There is an opinion that if a person is over 70, he doesn’t care about his appearance, what he is dressed in, on the condition of his body, leather, hair, etc.

For old people, comfortable and indescribable clothes, a sofa, a TV and grandchildren-all these are joys.

Her name is the norm Williams, she has a beautiful and slender figure that young girls can envy, in addition, she works as a physical education coach and teaches others to care for her body, to be fit and beautiful.

The norm did not always care about its appearance in her youth, she did not lead a healthy lifestyle.

And only after excess weight began to appear, and health problems appeared, the woman realized that something needs to be changed.

At almost 30 years, she began to understand nutrition, as well as in physical exercises.

And so that there was no stress for the body, the norm gradually excluded harmful products from the diet.

She had a great desire to improve and achieve ideal.

And when the first results began to appear, the norm was very inspired, and she wanted to work even more on herself.

Thanks to many years of training and a balanced diet, the woman has achieved excellent results, now she has a slender and fit figure.

And Williams decided that she would help others improve, so she became a physical education coach.

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