Every day, a dog that nobody wanted saves the life of an epileptic girl

A girl with epilepsy is cared for by Jerry

Jerry, a dog that nobody wanted, looks after a young child who has epilepsy. He keeps Keanna, a 3-year-old with uncontrollable epilepsy, alive every day by teaching her to spot the warning symptoms of an imminent seizure.

Thirty minutes prior to Keanna’s expected seizure, Jerry lets the other family members know. By providing the daughter medication that might even stop the attack from happening because only Keanna can know and he is always right, Keanna’s family buys time to get ready for the assault.

The girl’s life has frequently been saved by this crucial warning. Jerry sticks to Keanna like glue when she has seizures or is unwell, according to George Leonard, a canine trainer with MSAR Service Dogs in Winnipeg, Canada.

Jerry was found by animal control on the street and taken to a shelter before being adopted. When an RCMP canine trainer saw Jerry there, he told George that he was a special dog who was being given to him because George would undoubtedly accomplish great things with him.

Jerry was the perfect candidate for MSAR training because of his innately loving nature and sharp intelligence, which would later enable him to save the lives of epileptics like Keanna.

After only two days spent together in the house when Keanna and Jerry rejoined a year ago, Jerry started warning Keanna’s mother about imminent attacks.

Formerly in need of rescue, the dog now frequently saves a young woman. Before she met Jerry, Keanna was having between 25 and 40 seizures every month. There is now only one left.

George thinks Jerry is a particularly special dog. Our organization’s motto is “The puppy that no one wanted has gained a place in our hearts and changed and saved this girl’s life.”

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