Every day, the little Chihuahua is given rides on the back

The little Chihuahua

Even if there are many improbable animal bonds, stories about them are hard to accept.

Another instance of a similar tale included a Chihuahua dog and a boar.

The duo was housed at Phoenix, Arizona-based Better Piggies Rescue, a nonprofit sanctuary. More than 140 boars were being cared for by the rescue group in their area.

The Arizona Humane Society called Danielle at Better Piggies Rescue one day to report that they had rescued a boar and a dog from a private residence. Danielle was made aware of this strange duo by the Arizona Humane Society, who requested that the Better Piggies Rescue bring them in.

The boar had no problem with the Chihuahua’s love for riding on his back. However, the other boars didn’t much enjoy it when the small chihuahua tried to ride them.

The boar, Pumba, was so large and weighed roughly 175 pounds that the dog could even carry some treats while riding. Timon soon became the dog’s name. He would go outside to see what Pumba was doing and to check on him. Additionally, he would constantly check the area to see if anything noteworthy was occurring.

The couple’s connection and relationship’s past were unknown. Danielle believed that the two were left alone with each other after being abandoned.

Pumba was quite sociable; he would welcome and greet each volunteer. Timon loved to cuddle with Danielle and was also very talkative.

Danielle claims that pigs are often quite clever animals and have a tendency to develop strong emotional bonds with one another. Pumba may have simply believed that Timon was a boar despite being extremely slim. And that’s how the tale began.


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