Everyone is shocked by adorable cats of a rare breed’s likeness to sheep

Cats likeness to sheep

These adorable kitties have delicate fur that makes them look like curling sheep. The infant Selkirk Rex animals are specimens of a recent breed. Breeders stopped introducing animals of other breeds to produce curly offspring just a few years ago. Currently, the Selkirks are a self-sufficient, exclusive group in which both parents pass on the curly gene.

At the Geneva show, the Selkirks were first observed by the devoted Eleanor Muccio. She, an enthusiastic cat person, learned about a new breed and was charmed by the adorable family, which included a mother named Gina and several kittens.

Four years ago, the first Selkirk Rex visited her home. Gina, a stunning snow-white woman, has over 128 thousand followers on Instagram. She has already given birth to multiple children, and breed enthusiasts are in high demand for her progeny.

In the cat’s profile, Eleanor herself offers her insights on the characteristics and nature of Selkirk pet care. The woman advises considering the frequency of washing the eyes and ears. The breeder suggests washing no more than once per week because this breed is known for its high sulphur excretion.

She claims that the breed fits in a city flat just fine. Animals are not arbitrary, submissive, amicable, or playful. However, they do not handle loneliness well, unlike their relatives the British Shorthair.


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