Everyone is shocked when a German Shepherd gives birth to a green puppy

An amazing green puppy

Her transfer to a specialized facility was urgent since the German shepherd was roaming Georgia on her own as a stray.

Along with the dangers of living on the streets, Reba was also expecting. In just a few days, she would give birth to a brood of puppies.

Reba was fortunately saved by Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue, who moved her to a foster home in Clearwater, Florida, just in time.

Kristy Anderson, a foster with Heidi’s Legacy, stated, “She was picked up running as a stray in Georgia. This was around the same time we brought in numerous shepherds from the significant breeder bust there, so she may have been an escapee. However, we are unsure.

Anderson, who decided to foster Reba, was quite front about the fact that she couldn’t anticipate with certainty how many dogs would be residing in her home in a few days.

She said, “She was pregnant and would give birth in only two days.

Reba gave birth to six gorgeous puppies in three days, one of which stood out from the others.

The unusual, green-furred puppy breastfed while curled up next to the others near Reba’s belly. She was given the name Clover by Anderson because she thought it suited her.

Although it is extremely uncommon, puppies can still be green. The hue is said to be caused by the amniotic fluid in the mother dog’s womb.

The green puppy was seen by Anderson as a lucky charm and “an early St. Patrick’s Day gift.”

After five days, Clover’s unique colouring wore off, exposing a healthy dog below.

Clover now resembles her siblings much more, and they are all flourishing. This week, the puppies just turned two weeks old. Furthermore, Reba is taking motherhood with stride.

Reba and her puppies will be up for adoption through Heidi’s Legacy very shortly.

Although green puppies are rare, finding a loving permanent home is the most exceptional thing of all for homeless canines.

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