Everything happens in life: here is the reason why Diaz decided to end her wonderful career in the film industry

This is why Diaz is ending his career and will no longer appear on our screens.

Not so long ago, actress Si Diaz was visiting popular YouTube artist Paltrow when she was very candid about the reason why she decided to end her career.

For the past 6 years she has been filming in the film “Annie”, which, in fact, was the last time Diaz appeared on our screens. As you know, the actress married musician B. Maddel, from whom she had a charming daughter. She recently dedicated herself to her precious family, admitting that being a mother was her calling.

Cameron shared that at the age of 40, her thinking and understanding has changed radically, and now she has no regrets.

It is worth noting that the actress first starred in the film “Mask”. During her career, she managed to star in about 50 films, becoming one of the most sought-after movie actresses.

What can you say?

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