Feminine and attractive: here is a list of celebrities shaved their heads for roles

These actresses have proved that women with a bald head may still look feminine.

The next universally recognized, bright and successful woman proved that femininity is not always magnificent long loose curls. Their incredible stories became proof that women can look attractive, feminine and confident even without hair on their heads. Most of them were decided for this for the sake of roles in the cinema, while the completely new stage of life had to start with a completely different appearance.

Here are some of them, which sacrificed their hair for the sake of an acting career, but at the same time looked feminine and breathtaking.


This cult actress shaved her head right in front of the cameras, and the cult moment got into the cinema. You can become a witness to the breathtaking scene in «V means Vendetta».


The idol of millions deprived fans of speech, appearing with an almost bald head. So the «Twilight» star commented on its completely new image. «This is very practical».


It should be noted that before us is one of the first actresses in the world to sacrifice their hair for the role in the movie. The cult movie star and the ex -wife of B. Willis shut her luxurious dark hair for the movie «Soldier Jane».


The famous actress decided to get rid of her hair for the magnificent film «Paradise». According to the legendary woman, it was actually an incredibly liberating experience.


It is worth noting that for the film «Monster» one of the most striking and successful actresses had to gain more than 15 kilograms, and for «Mad Max: Fury Road» she sacrificed her blond hair.


What concerns Ann, she shaved her gorgeous dark hair for the sake of «Les Miserables» and, later, received an Oscar for this legendary roles.

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