Finally, this cute kitten with a cleft lip, found near the office building will no longer be alone

Therefore, Frito is a cute kitten, which only wanted to be catered to.

Alley Cat shelter in Los Angeles was notified earlier this month about a small kitten found near the office building.

He was completely alone, hidden behind electric wires, without a mother in sight.

Thus, Frito, a kitten, was a beetle, which only wanted to be served.

At the age of eight weeks, he weighed about 400 grams, which is half the normal weight.

Moreover, after he was taken home, he felt how he was clamped in warm arms under his man’s shirt.

Frito quickly was delighted with his new existence in the crowd and refused to be alone. The kitten was carefully cleaned and treated from diseases and parasites.

In the end, he was able to adequately assimilate nutrients from his diet after several days of departure and tender care, and his appetite also increased.

Thus, Frito quickly learned to use the tray and sought constant attention from others.

He insisted that he was loved, and absorb all attention.

Frito discovered warm knees and declared them his favorite vacation spot.

He rode on his back, begging to scratch his stomach, standing on all fours, trying to grab his human heart.

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