For Dia de los muertos, huge skeletons emerge from mexican streets

Huge skeletons on the streets

Day of the Dead Skeleton in Mexico by Jaén Cartonería

Mexico the city is preparing for its yearly Day of the Día de los muertos, and in one neighbourhood, odd activity has been noticed in the roads. Two large bones that have burst through the asphalt in the Tlhuac municipality are laying their worn-out limbs on the pavement. The statues, which are more than 11 feet broad and 7 feet tall, are welcome precursors to the yearly events that take place on November 1 and November 2.

The family-run Jaén Cartonera group of artists, who have been continuing out this practice for the past 8 years, produced the suitably spooky statues. Raymundo Medina Jaen came up with the concept to teach the youngsters in the Santa Cecilia area about cultural history. The artworks, which were made of cardboard, took 2 days to put together and nearly a year to produce.

In reality, recovered rubble was utilised to create the impression that the road had burst open, despite the fact that it had been stated that the artists used existing holes to get the intended impression. The statues should last for a while as long as it doesn’t rain. The Jaen family has accomplished an amazing feat by having their work go international. The following is what a member of the family allegedly wrote on Fb, according to Mexican sources of news: “My family’s work got so much attention and I am very grateful of them since this culture began about 8 years ago to the point where our neighbours became afflicted with our love for the Day of the Dead and now it is news!”

The stunning decorations are merely a preview of what to expect when Da de los Muertos (more popularly called as Da de Muertos) festivities get underway in Mexico. This important annual holiday and cultural tradition has deep roots. It lasts for 3 days and finishes on November 2; during this time, gifts are made and meetings with loved ones are held in memory of the deceased. While it is occasionally mixed up with Halloween, Day of the Dead is a wholly Mexican festival that stands alone and apart.

In preparation for the traditional Da de Muertos festivities, enormous skeletons have appeared on the roads of Mexico City.

Day of the Dead Skeleton by Jaén CartoneríaDay of the Dead Skeleton by Jaén CartoneríaDay of the Dead Celebration

According to these images uploaded by Jaén Cartonera, the skeletons’ creation was a family endeavour.

Day of the Dead Skeleton by Jaén CartoneríaDay of the Dead Skeleton by Jaén CartoneríaDay of the Dead Skeleton by Jaén CartoneríaDay of the Dead Skeleton by Jaén Cartonería

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