For the first time in 80 years, the small twin elephants were born in an orphanage

The small twin elephants

We are confident that hearing this incredible news regarding elephants would make wildlife lovers and protectors happy. The elephant twins were born in a Sri Lankan orphanage. Being the ones born 80 years after the original twins is quite unique.

The tiny cuties’ parents belonged to that compassionate facility. Although it is unusual for an elephant mother to give birth to twins, both parents are in good health. The newborn children are doing well as well. They feel fantastic even though they are smaller than usual.

The orphanage, established in 1975, saved and recovered several elephants. Currently, 83 elephants and their calves live there. The last time twins were born there was 80 years ago.

However, hearing such incredible knowledge was amazing and enjoyable for everyone. We hope that the small calves will develop physically fit and all right.

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