Found wood casting prismatic shadows on the beach with colorful stained glass inside

Wood with colourful staines glass inside

Stained Glass Art by Louise Durham

High land statues constructed of repurposed wood and colorful stained – glass windows are the work of English designer Louise Durham, who wants to merely reflect the “wonder of all living organisms.” The designer has a studio in the seaside community of Shoreham-by-Sea, where she frequently exhibits her finished works for the public’s enjoyment.

Durham creates wooden slabs that are organized in multicolored patterns by hand-cutting and embedding colorful glass bits. Durham informs My Modern Met, “Once I have the entire range of glass put out on my desk, I feel there’s a therapeutic vibe in there, it just feels better somehow.” “It’s difficult for me to picture somebody who isn’t in awe of the majesty of a rainbow in the sky; it’s something that everyone can appreciate.” She fuses and slumps the two elements together using conventional stained-glass processes.

Simple glass motifs like hearts, planets, raindrops, and flowers are used in Durham’s symbols to give them a nostalgic quality and evoke childhood memories. I assume that when we utilize these kinds of shapes, we are expressing clearly what we all seem to grasp on an instinctive level—our connections to one another, to environment, to ourselves, to the world, and to everything else.

Durham addresses the nature of humanity through the use of similar themes as well as the acceptance of flaws in her art. She claims, “I’m not your typical stained-glass artisan. It’s a precise art which really rewards the expert.” “I’m the antithesis, an imperfectionist, and I believe that’s part of the job,” she continues.

For Durham, sculptures are frequently more attractive when the interaction of sunlight and glass is present. She creates absolutely flawed glass sculptures that are illuminated by sunlight and throw beautiful shadows. When the light shines through, the uneven line is no longer a problem, the colors just spring to life, and we can enjoy what is seen, she adds. “Perhaps the glasswork is not as immaculate as you would find in a cathedral window,” she adds. This is how I think about us flawed creatures; at the end of the day, we all have the same scars and fears; the question is whether we are given the chance to let our light shine nonetheless. Glass provides me this moment of amazing change, the artist continues.

View a selection of Durham’s wood and stained-glass sculptures above, and visit her webpage for more.

High land statues by English sculptor Louise Durham are created from salvaged seashore wood and vibrant stained – glass windows.

Stained Glass Art by Louise Durham

The sculpture casts prismatic shadows and shines in vibrant hues when sunlight strikes the asymmetrical crystal forms.

Stained Glass Art by Louise DurhamStained Glass Art by Louise DurhamStained Glass Art by Louise DurhamStained Glass Art by Louise DurhamStained Glass Art by Louise DurhamStained Glass Art by Louise DurhamStained Glass Art by Louise Durham

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