Funny scene: a huge lion climbed into the bus, where there were a lot of people and began to hug

Everything that this huge beautiful lion wanted was a little love.

The little Leo Filya, eager for attention, climbed onto a bus full of tourists, and asked for hugs.

So scary because you never know …! He just wanted to give love and feel love. So beautiful.

He did not show aggression at all when he approached the car, and therefore he was allowed aboard.

Then he began to lick several tourists, rubbing his face as a sign of affection. He just wanted to be loved.

How precious!

Hugs in abundance. Obviously, he was among people, maybe his whole life, and therefore he was not aggressive. However, I prefer the animals to be wild and free in their natural habitat.

Beautiful amazing lion.

Even domestic cats play with their food before eating it …

See the heartbreaking moment here:

What a pleasant surprise!

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