German shepherd and Asian elephant become lifelong pals

Shepherd and elephant become lifelong friends

Elephants are well renowned for being incredibly gregarious animals who depend on their intricate social networks for their survival and well-being.

A baby elephant with poor health and a milk intolerance had to be left behind the herd so that the herd could continue on, and since life without the herd is typically a death sentence, her future appeared to be pretty bleak.

Fortunately, elephant rescuers became aware of the situation and sent Ellie to a refuge, where she made a few pals who changed her life forever.

Ellie’s closest companion and former police dog, Duma, a German shepherd, became her. These two were playing joyfully together, sprinting around the field, and developing genuine friendships despite all of their biological disparities.

They quickly grew close and became inseparable because of their friendship. Ellie’s behavior has drastically improved, and she is now very resilient since she is aware of having a companion at her side.

To observe two disparate species form a friendship and elevate each other’s spirits is simply incredible. You can witness their play in this video as well.

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